Best e-commerce SEO agency in Lisbon Portugal

E-commerce SEO agency in Lisbon

Nowadays, e-commerce businesses are rapidly growing, and competition is increasing in online business, all companies are spending 

thousands of euros to be at the top of the Google search. 

paid marketing is really important but if your business fully depends on paid marketing then sooner or later you will realize that most e-commerce businesses are profitable but you are not.

SEO is as important as paid marketing, paid marketing helps you with branding and if you have just started an e-commerce business in such case paid marketing may help you to get more sales and revenue. on the other hand, if you go with "paid marketing and SEO" simultaneously, after a certain time you will be able to save your marketing budget and get more relevant customers from Google search.

Since there are thousands of SEO agencies nowadays, that can be suitable for your e-commerce business might take a little bit of time to consider. Because choosing a good agency can take your business very far, but not choosing it properly can also push your business back. So let us now explore which eCommerce SEO agency to choose and how to choose.

Consider When Choosing an E-commerce SEO Agency Lisbon

Experience and Expertise in E-commerce SEO

Look for agencies that have professional and expert SEO teams. The factors of SEO are constantly changing, so agencies or their team member must understand those aspects well, they have years of experience.

Client Portfolio

Before choosing any eCommerce SEO agency, make sure has managed an e-commerce project in the past. check their portfolio, case studies, and reviews from their customers. after considering those aspects you can decide which one would be perfect for your e-commerce business.

Pricing Models and Service Offerings

Budget matters a lot in digital marketing, before choosing any agency make sure to check their price model and working style to see whether agencies can deliver as per your budget or nothowever, there is a low-price SEO agency as well that claims the best agency and cheap. but I would never recommend going with that agency. they will just waste time and money.

E-commerce SEO Agencies in Lisbon: A Comparative Analysis

Services and Specializations

An agency may claim itself to be an expert player in its field in doing keyword research and technical SEO. This is their specialty, so check whether they are fit for your work or not.

Client Success Stories

While Googling you will find many agencies who claim that they have worked for many companies but what is their success ratio? So find out the success stories of their customers to find out. You will get an idea of what their work is like.

Innovative SEO Strategies

If any agency claims that it is an innovative SEO agency then do your research about them properly because if it is a player of innovative strategies then it can prove to be a good game changer for you. They can change the whole game with the help of their innovative ideas and out-of-the-box SEO techniques.

How Clicsource can help you with e-commerce SEO

Clicsource is a digital marketing agency based in Lisbon Portugal, we have a well-experienced and expert team. Since we are a digital marketing agency we have hundreds of experts all around the world, we have selected professional SEO experts.

Clicsource has done hundreds of SEO projects in the past, and some of the project stats are already shared on the website. we have most of our clients from Australia, Canada, and the USA. 

Successful E-commerce SEO Campaigns

Increased Organic Traffic and Conversions

Making a campaign is not like just making a letter, packing it in an envelope, and sending it and it will reach where it needs to be, strategies have to be made for that too. So choose an e-commerce SEO agency that has expertise in creating e-commerce SEO campaigns.

Improved Search Engine Rankings and Brand Visibility

Just create an advertisement campaign and it's done. A good campaign helps you increase your brand visibility. Many e-commerce SEO agencies have transformed many companies into big brands with their advertisement skills.

Strategies for Maximizing ROI with an E-commerce SEO Agency

Once you decide to work with an e-commerce SEO agency or anywhere else, keep in mind that their goals and key performance indicators should be clear. You should think of them as the captain of the ship who can steer your ship in any direction you want, whether it’s organic traffic, ranking in the search engine, or improving conversion rates.

Keep in mind how conscious your e-commerce SEO agency is about your work because it is not like that at all, just set it up and sit down. check that your agency constantly monitors your website, optimizes it, and keeps changing the algorithm accordingly.

The Future of E-commerce SEO: Trends and Innovations

AI and Machine Learning in E-commerce SEO

As aware of AI, but if we talk about AI SEO, sooner or later SEO requires such tools as chatbot and Copilot. so the agency must be updated with the new AI and ready to change its SEO strategy accordingly.

Voice Search Optimization for Ecommerce Websites

Discuss with your agency partner about voice optimization so that they can also optimize your website according to voice commands because, in today's time, someone prefers to say 'This is in Google search' rather than write and your page appears in their search.

Experience and Expertise, Portfolio and Case Studies, Client References, Understanding of E-commerce Platforms, Content Strategy, Technical SEO Skills, Keyword Research and Optimization, Link Building Strategy, Reporting and Analytics, Communication and Transparency, Budgeting and Pricing and Optimization and Flexibility

There are many things to keep in mind when choosing a good eCommerce SEO agency. Like what is your goal, make a list of those things. Do your research thoroughly about the agency you are going with, their expertise, and how much experience they have. Speak to an agency that responds as quickly as possible. Discuss the budget to see whether they will be able to work within the amount you have decided on. Try to talk to them as much as you can so you can get an idea of your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process in which we research relevant keywords or queries for a website or increase the visibility of our website and try to rank our website on the top of SERP based on keywords or queries. E-commerce SEO also matches many factors of SEO but here some factors have to be done only for e-commerce websites like product image SEO, product page SEO, category SEO, product description, images and metadata, and schema markup applied on product information.

There are hundreds of things to do in terms of e-commerce SEO, e-commerce SEO helps you rank your e-commerce products based on customer search queries organically. millions of products are being searched on Google every single minute. and if you will be ranking one of them. there are high chances to sell the products.